How to fix : AdError 1009: The VAST response document is empty? – Solved

How to fix : AdError 1009: The VAST response document is empty?


All the Doubleclick users having this error. How to fix this issue?.

First user must understand what is this issue means?.

There is no video file available and respective tracking events are not available inside the VAST tag. So it will return empty XML tree when user hits in browser.

Common Mistakes of all Double Click users:

  • Created Video Ad unit in DFP (DoubleClick for publisher / Google Ad manager) and generated VAST  then checking no ads are running.
  • Without scheduling Video line item for the respective video ad unit.
  • Failed to target ad unit in the Video line item
  • Creating line item with different video size (eg: 640x480v) but actual ad unit created is 640x360v. Make sure ad unit created matched with the line item size
  • Common trafficking errors like Start date and end date errors, less goal quantity with longer duration, adding wrong key values, Geo, frequency cap and not approving the order.

How to Fix the AdError 1009?

  • Create Video ad unit (Eg: Test_preroll) and provide  video ad size 640x480v
  • Create Sponsorship video line item and target ad unit “Test_preroll”
  • Save line item and upload video creative assets.
  • Choose respective creatives Linear, Non-Linear, Redirect
  • Linear is for Preroll, Postroll,Midroll
  • Non Linear for Image Overlays on Video
  • Redirect for VAST creatives which served via 3rd paty servers
  • Choose Linear –>DFP Hosted –> Upload MP4 video –> Add Video Duration –> Click URL —-> Save once loaded.
  • Make sure to set live.
  • Wait for 10-15 mins sometimes it will take 1-2 hour for newly created ad unit.
  • Then goto ad unit “Test_Preroll” and generate VAST tag with “No SDK” option
  • Test your tag in VAST tag Validator
  • Here you go!!!


Hope this helps you!!!!