Why isn’t my line item delivering?. Line item remains in “Ready ” status.

Why isn’t my line item delivering?

Most of the DFP users having this issue. Everyone have own questions on their mind like below,

Why my Line item remains in “Ready ” status?

Line Item Stuck At Ready Status

status for a line item is showing ‘ready’. How to make it delivering?

Stuck in “Ready” position. Ads not delivering.

How do I make my advert deliver instead of being ‘ready’?

Do we have a solution for all the above questions? 

Yes, Of course see below,

Check the below on the DFP setting and few check on the Site tagging too.

  1.  Check the status of the order first.
  2. Make sure the order is approved first.
  3. Check the Start date and timing of the line item.
  4. Check is there is restriction on Frequency cap, day parting.
  5. Check any key values targeted wrongly or targeted only to specific pages. Also, check the device type, OS, browser etc.
  6. If all the above is done correctly on the site, below might be the reason,
  • If it’s a newly created ad unit?, It will take 2-3 hours sometimes.
  • Size mapping function defined in the header may cause issue because, Line item targeting (ad units, sizes, key-values, and more) doesn’t match the ad requests in your content.
  • Check contending line items, Higher-priority line items may take priority for the same ad requests.
  • Tagging errors in your site that stops ad requests, such as missing defineSlot() or display(). (i-e body tag may not implemented on the  site)

Hope this helps you.


Thanks You !!!!