How to add/Fix ClickTag for Google Web Designer HTML5 creatives?

Are you getting error ” GWD properties are invalid ” while uploading Google Web designer creatives in Google Ad Manger (GAM) aka DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP)?.

Here are steps , how to fix the clickTag for the Published creative.

1.) Remove meta name “GCD” and rename with whatever you need eg: “MyCreative”.

<meta name="GCD" content="YTk3ODQ3ZWZhN2I4NzZmMzBkNTEwYjJl8fdf682464006a61600f6e6fb180216b"/>

<meta name="MyCreative" content="YTk3ODQ3ZWZhN2I4NzZmMzBkNTEwYjJl8fdf682464006a61600f6e6fb180216b"/>

2.) Add the below script before head </head>

<script type="text/javascript">
var clickTag = "";

3.) Remove Tap area to avoid click tracking issue and click overlapping. Search ” gwd-taparea” and remove that DIV

Example: Delete this whole DIV.

<gwd-taparea id="gwd-taparea_1" class="gwd-taparea-r2z3"></gwd-taparea>

4.) Add “onclick” function to the body. See below,

<body onclick="" style="cursor:pointer">

5.) Save the creative and upload it in the GAM (DFP) and check the click confirmation window for ensure the click is tracking or not.

6.) If you have any issues feel to free to connect here.

Hope this helps!!!!