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How to Serve VAST tag as Outstream or InBanner Ad?

In this article, we are going to see how to serve VAST tag as Outstream or InBanner Ads. Simplest way is creating Native video template to serve this VAST outstream.

Do I require any Video Player that support VAST?

No, you don’t require any external video players like JWplayer, Brightcove, Ooyala etc.

Is that possible really?

Yes, Google ad manager has the internal video player option. That allows you to setup video uploading option for VAST redirect.

How to set up VAST Template?

These are the simple steps to create template in the Google Ad Manager.

Step 1: Navigate to “Delivery” on the side panel and click “Native”

Step 2: Click “New Native Ad” and select “Single Ad”

Step 3: Select “HTML & CSS Editor”

Step 4: Enter Style Name at the top eg: “300x250_Video_only”. Then select required size –> New Format –> Format Name

Note: Format Name will be appear on the line item size while trafficking. Make sure to remember the name to serve outstream ad.

Step 5: This is the important step to make this template to support Video. Check ” Native Video Eligible” option.

Step 6: Also, need to add at one minimum Variable so that you will be allowed to save the template. Say eg: “TrackingPixel”

Step 7: Continue and Enter below code on the HTML Snippet

<div class="sponsored-post">
    <div class="content">
	<div class="videocontainer">
	<div id="Videofile" class='video'width="300px" height="250px">#%NATIVE_VIDEO_WRAPPER%#</div>

Step 8: Enter below code on the CSS snippet

.video {
  display: flex;
  height: 250px !important;
  width: 300px !important;
  margin: 0 auto;  

.video div {
  display: flex;

.videocontainer {
  height: 250px !important;
  width: 300px !important;
  margin: 0 auto; 
  background: #000;

Note: Width, height and background can be adjusted as per your requirement.

Step 9: Continue and Select the Targeting like Ad units , device as per your need.

Here you go!!. You have successfully created template now.

How to trafficking outstream?

Step 1: Goto order and create New line item.

Step 2: Enter Name, Line Item Type and select size “300x250_Video_Only” (Step 4 in previous section).

Step 3: Add Delivery settings like Date, Goal, etc.

Step 4: Add targeting like ad units, Geo, device etc

Step 5: Save and add new creative. Select “Native” and choose the style “300x250_Video_Only”

Step 6: Enter Name and Click URL for the creative

Step 7: Add if you have any tracking pixel on the Variable field created earlier. Else ignore it.

Step 8: Select Video section “VAST redirect” and enter your tag. Then hit “Fetch metadata”.

Step 9: Allow Creative to render and Save the creative.

That’s it !!! You’re ready to serve VAST out stream on your site.

Limitation on the Template

Creative will not preview on the creative tab or Onsite preview link. Ad will works fine on the live environment.

Live Working Code for Reference

Thank you!!! Hope this article helps. Please share your comments and valuable feedback.

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